L.E.E.P. Informational Meeting (Mandatory)

Thursday, February 16 from 6 – 9 PM in the Lakeview Youth Center. THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY (AT LEAST ONE PARENT) FOR REGISTRATION IN THE UPCOMING SCHOOL YEAR. If you cannot attend this meeting, please contact Anne Ingram at leepatlakeview@gmail.com after February 22, 2023 to schedule an individual meeting (for a $10 fee). The new registration forms will be ready soon (prior to the meeting date). These will be posted on the website in time for the meeting and will also be available at the meeting

TeenPact Leadership Prep Class

TeenPact Leadership Class is a week-long class at the state capitol during which students ages 13-18 learn citizenship and government leadership principles in a hands-on, participatory setting. To register, visit their website at teenpact.com. To help students planning to participate in the TeenPact state class, Lakeview offers a free prep class. The class starts Thursday, January 12 and runs through February 16, which is the week before TeenPact in Montgomery. We meet at 3:15 p.m. in N108-109. Students must register to participate by attending the first class or contacting jennymcgoldrick1@gmail.com.

High School On-Campus (HOC) Class Information

Please see HOC 2022-2023 for more information.

Jr. High School On-Campus (JOC) Class information

Please see JOC 2022-2023 for more information.

New to Home Educating?

We will be glad to help. Email Deborah Stabler, home school coordinator, at stablerlhsm@gmail.com. We can help you locate a cover school, curriculum, enrichment opportunities and encouragement as you begin the home school adventure.