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Live Conference with Answers in Genesis Educational Director

Lakeview is hosting a free, live conference for ladies ages 13 and up with Dr. Georgia Purdom, the Director of Educational Content at Answers in Genesis, March 16 from 9:00AM-12:30PM at Lakeview Baptist Church. Please go to for more information and to register for this event.

L.E.E.P. Informational Meeting

There will be a mandatory parent information meeting in the Fellowship Hall at Lakeview Baptist Church at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, March 12th 2024.  At least one parent must attend this meeting in order to register children for classes next year.  For more information, please click the link to the L.E.E.P. page below.

High School On-Campus (HOC) Class Information

Please see HOC 2023-2024 for more information.

Jr. High School On-Campus (JOC) Class information

Please see JOC 2023-2024 for more information.

New to Home Educating?

We will be glad to help. Email Deborah Stabler, home school coordinator, at We can help you locate a cover school, curriculum, enrichment opportunities and encouragement as you begin the home school adventure.