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Lakeview Committees



  • The Benevolence Committee meets regularly to review, discuss and give direction for Lakeview’s ministry for indigent needs.


  • The purpose of the Christmas Banquet Committee is to plan and execute the annual Christmas Banquet for our Lakeview members. The committee is responsible for all aspects of the celebration, including special guest speakers or entertainment, as well as catering and ticket costs.  The committee works to ensure the event is self-supporting and in agreement with Lakeview policies.


  • To oversee the Lakeview Preschool Adventures
  • Meets once every one to two months or as needed
  • To hire or dismiss teachers for Preschool Adventures
  • To approve budget
  • To host Preschool Adventures Open House and End of year programs


  • Seek God’s will in identifying and recruiting LBC members to serve on the various committees.
  • Seek input from the Ministry Staff for recommendations for new committee members and chairpersons.
  • Indentify a chairperson for each committee.
  • Present the committee members to the deacons and church for review and approval.
  • Make recommendations to the church for the creation of new committees and/or deletion of non-functioning committees.
  • Work with the Ministry Staff and committee chairpersons to resolve any administrative issues related to the LBC committees.


  • The Community Impact Committee considers issues that affect our community and church that we as Christians have a moral conviction and responsibility to address. They recommend actions and plans to staff and deacons and willingly serve to aid or carry out such plans.


  • Serve on Sundays on a rotation schedule to prepare the offerings for the bank drop.
  • As needed, under the direction of the Financial Secretary, serve on Mondays to assist in the counting and balancing of the Sunday offerings.


  • Responsible under the leadership of the Minister of Administration for the oversight and management of the LBC properties and facilities. This includes maintenance, repair, remodeling, construction, etc.
  • Identifies and prioritizes facility “projects” within the constraints of the church’s budget and any guidance from the church business meetings.
  • Works closely with the Minister of Administration to develop solutions to any facility issues.


  • Responsible with the leadership of the Minister of Administration for the oversight and management of the church’s finances.
  • Works closely with the Church Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Minister of Administration to review the church’s financial status on a regular basis.
  • Develop the policies related to LBC finances.
  • On a yearly basis, under the leadership of the Minister of Administration, develop and submit the church’s overall budget. Coordinate with the Personnel Committee on personnel financial issues.


  • The purpose of the Lakeview Home School Committee is to provide oversight to the home school ministry and to help decide policy issues when needed. The committee serves with the home school ministry administrator and home school ministry coordinator, to give advice and direction to the ministry.  The committee meets on an as-needed basis.


  • Under the direction of the Church Hostess, help facilitate and offer input for the food service ministry of the church.


  • Attend committee meetings, both regular and called. When a committee member misses two consecutive meetings he/she, will be contacted by the Chairman of the Missions Committee to determine the reason for the absence.  When necessary the Chairman may ask for a resignation.
  • Elected committee members are expected to serve on one or more of the committees or ministry teams as assigned, and be willing to serve as a chairman if requested.
  • Pray regularly for supported missionaries of Lakeview Baptist Church, their agencies and other supported ministries.
  • Continue to study missions and attend training classes when able.
  • Maintain an interest in communication with supported missionaries and ministries.
  • Be familiar with the mission’s policies and practices of Lakeview Baptist Church.
  • Be alert to pass on new information to the Missions Committee.
  • Serve as a source of mission’s information to the Lakeview Baptist Church congregation.
  • Maintain a notebook to be brought to each meeting of the Missions Committee containing copies of committee minutes, the budget and financial reports and updated missions policies and practices.
  • Be objective in decision making and promotion of missions, not focusing on projects of personal preference and personal attachment.


  • Functions as a support ministry to the senior Pastor for his supervision and management of the personnel that works for LBC.
  • Under the direction of the Senior Pastor, this committee seeks God’s will in identifying and recruiting candidates for any vacant equipping staff positions with advice and approval by the Deacons and the Church.
  • Works with the Finance Committee in developing the church personnel budget.


  • Regularly serve as an usher during Sunday worship services and special events as needed.
  • Serve to greet guests and members, receive offerings, distribute worship folders and seat people in the Worship Center as needed and directed by the Head Usher