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Welcome to Lakeview Jr. High School On-Campus (JOC). Our courses are open to all area junior high school students in accordance with our policies. Students do not have to be members of Lakeview Baptist Church or part of the Lakeview Christian School (LCS) covering to enroll.

Our mission is to assist home school parents as they follow their God-given responsibility to train up their children both academically and spiritually by providing courses taught in a classroom environment.

Courses require regular in-person attendance. Students are expected to complete all course assignments as directed by the instructor. The JOC program is not designed to offer individual course customization.

Our goal for these courses is to offer instruction in several core subject areas and to better prepare our students for their future high school courses. The courses offered will stress attendance, completing assignments on time, organization, following the directions of the instructors, test-taking, oral presentations, and other general classroom skills that will be necessary for success in high school courses. We believe the optimum time for our students to learn these skills is before they reach high school and are receiving Carnegie (graduation) units for each course.

Instructors are primarily selected based on expertise in the field and on their testimony that they are Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ. Instructors also demonstrate that they are educated, experienced, and knowledgeable in the course they teach.

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For questions about Jr. High School on-campus classes, please contact


Registration Details

  • Registration is in-person by appointment only – contact to register.
  • Registration fee is $80 per student.
  • Checks only – no cash or online payment
    • Multiple checks required
    • 1 for registration/fees (per family)
    • 1 per course (per student)
  • Please read the standards and policies before registering.
  • Printable registration forms are available.
  • All forms and payments are due at the time of registration.



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