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Join us at Lakeview for
Secret Church on Friday, April 20th.
Tickets on sale now in church office.

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The vision of the Lakeview College Ministry comes down to four words: “Make Disciples, Mobilize Students.”

We believe that the Great Commission makes very clear what we are to do with our lives here on earth. We are to “GO and MAKE DISCIPLES” of all people. What does this mean? We are to go wherever the Lord leads us in our lives whether that be Atlanta, New York, or to some country overseas and we are to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

However, the Great Commission does not stop there. We are also to pour our lives into the lives of new believers in a process called discipleship. This means inviting young believers to live their lives alongside ours as we are “teaching them to observe all things that Jesus has commanded.” This life-on-life will produce mature believers who will then take what they have seen and learned and do the same wherever they find their lives planted.

Kevin Webb

Kevin Webb

Minister to Students

Anna Slay

Anna Slay

College Women's Director

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