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The Glory Of God Alone

September 24, 2017
Our theology will dictate our doxology. What we know will impact how we worship. 1 / God's Glory Is Being Revealed In Creation (Psalm 19:1-4) 2 / God's Glory Is…

Christ Alone

September 17, 2017
1 / There Is One And Only One True God (v. 5) - The Bible teaches there is only one true and living God. VERSUS: Atheism = There is no…

Faith Alone

September 10, 2017
“Justification” (simple definitions) Negatively = Just as if I never sinned. Positively = Just as if I always obeyed. KEY QUESTION = How IS a guilty sinner reconciled to a…

Grace Alone

September 3, 2017
1 / Saving Grace Is A Gift of God To Underserving Sinners (v 8) - Romans 3:9-18 2/ Saving Grace Is Provided Through Jesus' Death On The Cross (v 13)…

Scripture Alone

August 27, 2017
1 / The Bible is God-Breathed: Therefore, It Is The Final Authority In The Life Of The Church. (3:16a) 4 Examples In Society Today Where It Is An Issue: 1…

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