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Bible Memory Plan just for you, boys and girls! This booklet will help you as you memorize verses and passages from the Bible – God’s Word.

Each year you will have a different Bible Memory Plan designed just for your grade as you progress from first grade through sixth grade in our church.

The purpose of this scripture Memory Plan is to help you develop good Scripture memory habits. God’s Word will teach you how to know, love and follow Him. Begin now and you will discover His wonderful plan for your life. Your Sunday School teachers will help and encourage you in this program. They will keep record of the verses that you have completed. Everyone in your grade will have the same plan.


It is our hope that your child will have your involvement and encouragement in the Bible Memory Plan. Reviewing each day will help your child memorize and retain scriptures for use in his/her daily life. Please help your child by explaining each verse. It will be an inspiration to your child when you learn the verses together. This program does not replace the Sunday School Curriculum verses. (The New International Version of the Bible is used.)
No one will be called on to “recite” in front of a large group against his or her wishes.

Scripture Memory Books


Who will take part? When will we do all these things?

Your Sunday School teachers encourage you in this program. You will learn some verses on Sunday mornings and you will need to study at home. You should ask Mom and Dad to help you learn— and to learn more verses with you! Your Sunday School Teachers will explain more.

How much of this will I need to learn?

We hope you will want to learn all levels of this plan. Pray and ask God what you should do.

And if I do learn it, what then?

At the end of April, we will have the Children’s Scripture Memory Banquet for each child and his/her family who completes each level. At that time, each child who has completed the Bronze Medal Level, Silver Medal Level, and/or the Gold Medal Level will be awarded their bronze, silver, or gold medals respectively.


If you are in 6th grade (or youth group) and would like to memorize previous scripture memory grade levels you may have missed, you are invited to memorize those levels at any time. Once you have received the gold medal for all six grades, you will receive a six year gold medalist plaque and your name will be placed on a plaque in the Children’s Department.


Printed copies of the Bible Memory Plan booklet are available in your child’s Sunday school class and on the table near the welcome desk on the preschool side of the church lobby.

Click the buttons below for the Scripture Memory Verses for each grade.

Lakeview’s Children’s Ministry seeks to teach Children in grades 1-6 to know their purpose in life: to honor and glorify God by receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, to know God’s Word, and to tell this Good News.

“Teach the children to love the Lord their God with all their heart, with all their soul, and with all their might” -Deuteronomy 6:5