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Here you will find the schedule of Lakeview Youth. We have a variety of things going on each week. We also host multiple big events and trips each year. Scroll down to get caught up on how we make, nurture, and equip the next generation.


Sunday School

9:30 AM in the Youth Center

The design of Sunday School is to engage youth by engaging God’s Word. Our current format is “Master Teacher” where we gather around the Fellowship Hall in Table Groups. Tables are designated as Jr High (Grades 7-9) or Sr High (Grades 10-12). Youth are welcome to choose their table to be a part of for the school year.

Morning Worship

10:45 AM in the Worship Center

Youth gather together with the rest of the church family to worship. Our pastor preaches expositionally through books of the Bible, while our corporate singing includes a variety of hymns and new songs. Teenagers are not just a part of the Youth Ministry. They are brothers and sisters in the larger body.

RE/GEN Choir

4:30 PM in the Choir Room

Our Re/Gen Choir is for any youth grades 7-12 under the direction of Adam Traylor. They regularly help lead the praise in Sunday services through choir and praise teams. Re/Gen also goes on a choir tour each summer.


Evening Worship

6:00 PM in the Worship Center
Youth gather together with the rest of the church family to worship together. Re/Gen serves the larger church by regularly leading and singing during this service.


Equipping Groups

6:00 PM in the Youth Center

This is our weekly time together spent in small groups. There are separate groups for guys and girls. Equipping Groups are designed to help equip youth to grow in their faith, live out their faith, and learn how to share their faith. In the fall, we usually study a book on the Christian life. In the spring, we usually walk through a book of the Bible.

Summer Bible Study

5:30 PM in Various Host Homes

We do not have Equipping Groups during the summer break. Instead, we meet a few weeks in the summer at a church member’s home for a time of fun, fellowship, and Bible study. Schedules of when and where we are meeting are posted in the Youth Center and in the Parent Newsletter.



6:30 AM on Wednesdays

Starting August 31st, we have a class called Foundations that is designed for spiritual growth and discussion. This year, we will meet off campus for breakfast and the lessons! The cost is $35, which covers the books and the meals. Sign up today!

Youth Fellowships

Various Times

Whether it’s a girls’ night at someone’s house, a Fifth Quarter after a home football game, or just a meal together, we love to fellowship. Throughout the year we will plan various small events so that the youth group can be just that–a group!


FUEL Weekend

MLK Weekend

FUEL Weekend is Lakeview’s version of a DNOW weekend. We meet from a Friday evening to Sunday morning for corporate worship, powerful Bible study, and a ton of fun. Students stay in host homes throughout the weekend. FUEL is always an effective way to begin the spring semester.

Summer Retreat

Every Summer

Summer Retreat is a time for Lakeview youth to get away from the distractions and normalcy of home and encounter the Lord through his Word. We take dozens of students to the mountains, or a conference center, or the beach for a week of Bible study, worship, and fun. Many of our students would say Summer Retreat is one of the most spiritually enriching weeks of the year.

Mission Trips

Spring Break / Summer

At Lakeview, we take the Great Commission seriously. That is no different for our teenagers. Usually once a year, we will take a smaller team of students on either a national or international short-term trip. We engage with missionaries and local believers as they seek to proclaim the gospel to the nations.

International House of People (IHOP)

Wednesday Evening during Missions Festival

Each year, Lakeview hosts the International Missions Festival. It is a week where missionaries from all over the world gather to update the church on their ministry. On Wednesday evening, Lakeview youth get the chance to meet some college students and members who are going to the nations. As the name suggests, we make dozens of pancakes while we meet. IHOP is always a fun time to be reminded of the importance of obedience to the Great Commission wherever you are.


Chili Bowl

One Sunday in the Fall

Football is a big deal in Auburn, so we try to show our spirit by competing each year in the Chili Bowl, a two-part flag football game for our youth. This is always a great event each fall near the end of the season.