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At Lakeview, we believe that every believer has been gifted for the work of ministry. That is why we provide opportunities to serve in a variety of ways. Scroll below to see if the Youth Ministry is a place where you could exercise your gifts.
How this works

Tagged at the end of each title, you may see a letter. If there isn’t a letter, then virtually anyone is able to serve.

“C” means the volunteer can be in college (or older).

“A” means the volunteer must be an adult.

Fill out the form below to let us know how you want to serve.


equipping group leader – C

Fall and Spring Semesters

These leaders meet and discuss Bible study content. Each group is led by two people.


fuel weekend leader – C

One Weekend in January

These leaders lead Bible studies and facilitate a group for FUEL Weekend.


summer retreat leader – C

One Week in the Summer

These leaders lead Bible studies and facilitate a group for Summer Retreat.


worship team member – C

Fall and Spring Semesters

The youth praise team meets weekly to rehearse and leads at least once a month during the school year. We regularly need musicians and techs.


chili bowl coach or ref – C

One Sunday in the Fall

The Chili Bowl is our annual flag football game. We need coaches and referees for this event.


discipleship mentor – C

Year Round

We encourage our youth to find someone who will walk alongside them as a mentor. We need members who are willing to take that walk.


driver for various events – C

Various Times

The youth regularly go on trips around town or serve in places that require transportation. We need drivers to make that happen.


fifth quarter volunteer

Fridays in the Fall

Fifth quarters are largely outreach events for students to enjoy a clean, safe alternative after a football game. We need help with setup, supervision, tear down, games, and more.

summer bible study host – A

One Day in the Summer

We regularly meet in homes during the summer. So we regularly need willing hosts.


summer retreat chaperone – A

One Week in the Summer

We need adults to join us for Summer Retreat, since most camps require a certain adult to student ratio.


Summer Mission Chaperone – A

One Week in the Summer

Whether it is New York City, Atlanta, or Africa, we need chaperones to help us lead trips well.


re/gen fellowship host – A

Sunday Rotation

After Re/Gen rehearsal each Sunday, the youth gather for snacks and fellowship. We need hosts to facilitate food and provide supervision.


fuel weekend host – A

One Weekend in January

Small groups for our annual FUEL Weekend meet in host homes. We always need willing families.


fuel weekend volunteer

One Weekend in January

We need volunteers for games, servers for food, and much more. If you are willing, there is a need!


Prayer Partner


Without the mercy of God, all of our works will be in vain. Will you join us in regularly praying for our students and their leaders?


Scholarship Giver

Various Events

Some of our bigger events cost money. At times, families are unable to afford it. By giving a scholarship, you send a student to an event that could change their life eternally.




Last, but certainly not least, we need supporters out in the community. We need people who see the impact Lakeview Youth Ministry has in the lives of families. Will you be in our corner as you work, play, and live in our area?

Interested in serving with Lakeview Youth Ministry? Fill out the form below!