December 5, 2021

The Word of God, The Word Over Creation

Passage: John 1:1-3
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1 | The Word And God (1:1-2)
- John 17:5
- Isaiah 55:10-11

Response to the Jehovah Witness view on John 1:1
1. It’s clear from 1:3, 18, and 20:28 that John identifies Jesus as God (see also 1 John 5:20).
2. John was a monotheistic Jew. He would have hardly referred to a mere person as a god.
3. The word "God" is often found in the New Testament referring to God in the fullest sense without the word "the." (3 other times in John 1 alone: 6, 13, 18)
4. If John wrote: "the Word was the God," that would identify Jesus with God in a way that the persons would be indistinguishable.
5. If John meant that Jesus was divine but not a deity, there was a better word he could have used (the adjective theios). But he used "theos," which  means God and not god-like. 

2 | The Word and Creation (1:3)
- Isaiah 44:24
- Psalm 146:5

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