January 2, 2022

The Voice to Break the Silence

Passage: John 1:19-28
Service Type:

1 | The Voice Was Not the Light (1:19-22)
When we make it about us rather than Christ:
1. We may water down the truths/God’s word as to not offend
2. We may remain silent so as to not lose favor
3. We may manipulate the message so as to gain favor
4. We may remain faithful with the message but seek credit for what God has done
5. We may remain faithful to the message but take it personally when people don’t respond the way we want
6. We remain faithful but get jealous if another person or ministry has more fruit.
- Malachi 4:5
- Deuteronomy 18:18

2 | The Voice Bears Witness to the Light (1:23-28)
- Isaiah 39:6
- Isaiah 40:1

Thomas Watson's Ingredients of True Repentance:
1. Sight of Sin
2. Sorrow over Sin
3. Confession of Sin
4. Shame of Sin
5. Hatred of Sin
6. Turning from Sin

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