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June 19, 2022

The First Principle Of Fatherhood

Passage: Ephesians 5:22-33
Service Type:

1 | The Role Of The Husband: Headship (5:22-24)

2 | Headship For The Wife’s Holiness (5:25-27)

3 | Headship For The Husband’s Benefit (5:28-31)

4 | Headship For The Sake of the Mystery (5:30-33)


Myths Concerning Biblical Headship:
1. Husbands are never commanded to rule their wives.
2. Headship is never portrayed in Scripture as a means for self-satisfaction/exaltation.
3. Headship is not the power of a superior over an inferior. 
4. Headship is never to be identified with the issuing of commands, nor does it mean that the husband must make every decision in the home


What Is Male Headship?
1. Headship is a responsibility not a right.
2. Headship is scripturally boundaried (Acts 5:29)
3. Headship does entail the responsibility to make a final decision when agreement cannot be reached.
4. Headship means honoring/wife.
5. Headship means loving and caring for one's wife as much as Christ loves & cares for us.
6. Headship means taking the lead in reconciliation

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