February 18, 2018

The Demonic Duo

Passage: Revelation 13:1-18
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1 / The AntiChrist: The Beast From The Sea (v 1-10)
1- The Antichrist will be given extraordinary power from satan (v 1-2)
2- The Antichrist will seek worship for himself & for satan (v 3-4)
3- The Antichrist will will blaspheme God (v 5-6)
4- The Antichrist will make war against the saints (v 7-10)

2 / The False Prophet: The Beast From The Earth (v 11-18)
1- The false prophet will speak the words of satan (v 11)
2- The false prophet will promote the worship of the Antichrist (v 12)
3- The false prophet will perform miracles to deceive the world (v 13-14)
4- The false prophet will persecute those who refuse to worship the Antichrist (v 15)
5- The false prophet will control the commerce of the world (v 16-18)