October 20, 2019

Passion For The Harvest

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1. Biblical Foundation For Passion
- Jeremiah 20:9 | Passion Is Fire
- Acts 4:18-20 | Passion Is Conviction

2. Church History For Passion
- John Wesley "Let us all be of one business"
- John Knox “Lord, give me Scotland or I die”
- George Whitefield “O Lord, give me souls or take my soul.”
- William Booth “Sir, some men’s passion is for gold, other men’s passion is for fame, but my passion is for souls.”
- Amy Carmichael “Don’t come if you haven’t made up your mind to live for one thing—the winning of souls.”
- Sadhu Sundar Singh “I am not worthy to follow in the steps of my Lord, but like Him, I want no home, no possessions. Like Him I will belong to the road, sharing the suffering of my people, eating with those who will give me shelter, and telling all people of the love of God.”
- Mother Teresa “I desire to burn myself completely for Him and for souls.”

3. 3 Great Challenges
1_The Gospel for Every Person
2_A Church for Every People
3_The Least of These (Matthew 25:35-40)

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