June 3, 2018

The Lamb Who Is The King Of Kings

Passage: Revelation 19:-21
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Jesus is the Lamb of God who is coming again as King of Kings.

1. Give praise to the Lamb of God. (v. 1-10)
They praise Him in 4 ways:
1- Praise Him for salvation (v. 1)
2- Praise Him for His perfect justice (v. 2-3)
3- Praise Him in passionate worship (v. 4-5)
4- Praise Him for His sovereign reign (v. 6-10)

2. Anticipate Jesus' return as King of Kings. (v. 11-21)
1- He will return in power & glory (v. 11-16)
2- He will return in judgement & victory (v. 17-21)