January 15, 2023

Kingdom Prayer (Part 2)

Passage: Luke 11:2
Service Type:

1 | Kingdom Prayer is a Jealous Prayer (11:2b)

Two Aspects:
1. It’s an expression of fact.
2. It’s a longing for the fulfillment.

2 | Kingdom Prayer is a Missional Prayer (11:2c)

The Meaning Of the Kingdom:
1. Scripture starts with the assertion that God, as Creator, is the sovereign ruler of the universe.
2. But, even though God is the universal Lord, after the Fall, God's rightful rule over creation is rejected.
3. After the Fall, the Old Testament makes a distinction between the sovereign reign of God over the entire creation and the coming of his saving reign (Genesis 3:15; 12:1-3). The saving reign will come through a king from the seed of Abraham/David (This becomes the storyline of the Bible).
4. The New Testament announces that in Jesus Christ the kingdom has come (Mark 1:15).


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