August 1, 2021

Jesus Christ: The Radiance Of God’s Glory

Passage: Hebrews 1:1-4
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David Wells (God in the Wasteland): It is of the defining marks of our time that God is now weightless. 

Isaiah 60:19 the sun shall be no more your light by day...but the LORD will be your everlasting light and your God will be your glory.

Psalm 19:5 the sun "comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chambers...6 its rising is from the end of the heavens and its circuit to the end of them. And there is nothing hidden from its heat. 

1 | Because the Son of God Has Been Exalted, He is the Last Day's Prophet (v. 1-2a)
- Deuteronomy 18:15 

2 | Because the Son of God Has Been Exalted, He is the Last Day's Priest-King (v. 2b-4) 

7 Truths That Describe the Last Day's Priest-King:
1.He is the messianic heir (v 2b)
2. He is the agent of creation (v 2c)
3. He is the fullness of God (v 3a)
4. He is the Universe's Sustainer (v 3b)
5. He made purification for sins (v 3c)
6. He was exalted (v 3d)
- Hebrews 10:12 
7. He is superior to the angels (v. 4)
- Romans 1:4

In Jesus Christ, Believers Have:
1. A Better Hope (7:19)
2. Better Covenant (7:22)
3. Better Sacrifice (9:23)
4. Better Possession (10:34)
5. Better Resurrection (11:35)
6. Better Blood Than Abel's (12:24)

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