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Classical  Conversations

Classical Christian Community


Mission: We believe the purpose of education is to know God and to make Him known.

God has hidden His truth and beauty in every subject.  It is our pleasure as students and teachers to discover Him as we learn.  Our studies should prepare us to reason clearly, speak eloquently, calculate accurately, and write persuasively so that we have the ability to know God and to make him known.


Classical:  We believe classical education embodies the most natural tools of learning.

We hide God’s Word in our heart, align our thoughts to God’s, and share the love of Christ with our neighbor.  He has perfectly equipped each one of us to obey Him. Words, thoughts, and actions are analogous to the classical arts of grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric.


Christian:  We believe Truth is required to inculcate wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life,” our Lord Jesus taught of himself.  Parents must pray unceasingly for the grace and mercy needed to better reflect the image of God while demonstrating how to love God with their whole body, mind, and soul.


Community:  We believe the accountability of community both sharpens and humbles its members.  

The classical education community allows us to strengthen clear thinking skills while learning to love our neighbor. For harmonious community, we must put others before ourselves, just as we practice at home with our family.

Here is a great place to start learning more about Classical Conversations at all levels:

Support Representative Kristin Nelson


Program Highlights

Foundations: The first step in learning anything is to learn its basic parts and vocabulary.  Young children love repeating songs, chanting rhymes, and pronouncing big words. In the Classical Conversations Foundations program, surrounded by friends and parents, children from K4 to sixth grade practice the art of grammar through naming, attending, memorizing, expressing, and storytelling as they acquire building blocks for later learning.

Foundations Director:  Jenny Woolward


Essentials: The Essentials program takes students ages 9-12 far beyond what they would practice on a worksheet. Mixing memorization of strategic vocabulary, rules, and lists with a series of analytical tasks, they will learn strong written and oral language construction and usage skills. Through these exercises and hands-on-activities, students emerge prepared to tackle foreign languages, essays, and pre-algebra confidently. They will also participate in Faces of History presentations.

Essentials Director: Jenny Woolward


Challenges A, B, I, and II: The Challenge program teaches students ages 12+ to ask quality questions that help them to define terms being discussed, to compare & contrast information, to understand cause-effect relationships and the consequences for their choices, to evaluate the context and the effect of circumstances on these choices, and to determine who or what are reliable authorities on a given subject. The program focuses on the six skills that are the timeless tools of classical study: Grammar, Exposition, Logic, Debate, Reasoning, and Research. These six skills remain constant each year and determine the subject content for each level. For information on a specific local level please contact a director below:

Challenge A Director: Heather Martin
Challenge B Director:  Kelli Smith
Challenge 1 Director: Deborah Stabler
Challenge 2 Director: Stacey Wolanek