9:15-10:30 AM
Sunday School

Lakeview no longer offers “international” classes on Sunday mornings because every class here is available for you!  We want you to be part of the church and to get to know people from different backgrounds, not just people from your home country.  We have more than 20 adult classes available, plus many classes for your children including babies, preschoolers, elementary age children, youth, and college students.  To see a list of available classes, click here.  There are people in each class who are ready to welcome you, help you lean the Bible, and help you make new friends in the class!  We are glad to help you select a class and help you get to know the people in it.  Please contact us to request more information about how to get involved.

10:45 AM
Morning Worship Service

The Bible studies end at 10:30 am.  However, we encourage you to stay for Lakeview’s morning worship service which lasts 90 minutes (from 10:45 am until 12:15 pm).  Regularly participating in a worship service is an important part of a person’s spiritual growth.  Come join more than 800 other people for the excitement of an orchestra, special music, and a teacher who will explain more about God’s Word, the Bible.