We desire that our friends and neighbors right here in Auburn and Opelika come to find the joy of being reconciled with God through faith in Christ. However, we also desire that people at the uttermost parts of the world have the same opportunity we have right here.

Lakeview provides a place where you can find out how you can be reconciled to your Creator. This is a place where the Gospel (which means “good news”!) of Christ is proclaimed. Lakeview also provides a place where you can find resources and help to share the message of hope with your friends and neighbors.

But even more, Lakeview provides a launching pad to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth so that all peoples have an opportunity to hear of the hope found only in Christ. Lakeview takes seriously the “Great Commission” Christ gave us in Matthew 28 when he said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Did you know that Lakeview offers around 12 trips to all parts of the world each year? Did you know that more than 70 Lakeview members are serving oversees currently? Did you know that Lakeview has many ministries to welcome Internationals right here in our own community?

Lakeview is a place where you not only can discover the Gospel for yourself, but find your place in taking the Gospel message to those near and far.

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