Youth Girls Director & Media Associate

Joanna is from Auburn, and was born to a Lakeview family and has attended ever since. She graduated high school from Auburn High in 2008 and Auburn University with a degree in Vocal Performance in May 2012.

Joanna joined Lakeview’s staff in the fall of 2011. She has been gifted by God with a unique set of gifts that are a great eternal investment to our Youth Ministry at Lakeview. Joanna is active in devoting time to the youth girls, equipping & encouraging our female workers, and investing in the overall life of the youth ministry.

Joanna also serves on the media staff designing weekly publications, website elements, videography, photography, and much more. Joanna has a great creative eye and she’s a great asset for the design and media elements at Lakeview.

She married Chris Call in October 2012 and they have a dog named Ella.

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