Lights in the World

2 Corinthians 4:4-6

The biblical authors love to talk about light and darkness. We have seen that over and over again this weekend. And it makes sense – everyone instantly understands the contrast between light and darkness. It doesn’t need much explanation.

We also understand the truth that darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. If it’s dark in my house, and I turn on the light, darkness always goes away. Every time. There’s not a battle going on, like two opposing forces. Light always wins.

So in 2 Corinthians 4:4-6, we see that the world is blind to the light of Jesus. The world, because of sin, is in darkness. And it’s not just our own sin. Though the Light has come, the god of this world, the devil, has blinded humanity from being able to see it. We need to remember that we have an enemy who hates the light.

But we also remember that light always wins. The light of the gospel has shown in our hearts. What a glorious promise! One day, everyone will know with perfect clarity that Jesus as Lord. One day, light will destroy darkness once and for all.

 Until that day comes, we should be encouraged! Just as Jesus is the light of the world, we now have that light in us! Darkness does not have to have victory in our lives anymore! We can conquer the sins of our heart through the power of the Holy Spirit, who brings the light of the gospel to bear on us. So let’s shine our light into the darkness today, revealing to the world around us the glory of Christ.

  1. How can I shine as a witness today?
  2. What are some ways that the god of this world blinds people from seeing the gospel?
  3. How can I encourage my friends to be bold lights for the gospel today?
  4. Who do I know that needs the light of the gospel? How can I pray for them right now?