Behold: The Holiness of God and the Worship of God

Awesome. When Aaron and Raxia announced the theme for Fuel 2020, I was, to say the least, overwhelmed. I knew that God was holy and I knew that was important to the character of God, but honestly, I didn’t entirely know why. Oh, and I definitely didn’t know what “personal holiness” was. Thank goodness for Fuel Weekend!

We began the weekend discussing Isaiah 6. As our guest preacher talked about Isaiah being filled with awe and fear in the presence of the holy God, he explained that Isaiah was able to see his sin most clearly when he saw God most accurately. God is devoted to himself, his own glory, his own moral purity and his separateness from creation. God is holy, it is who He is. When we underestimate God’s power, God’s justice, God’s love, and God’s holiness, we also underestimate the weight of our sin. Then we underestimate the necessity and the overwhelming grace of the cross.

Once we are able to see the biblical truths of who God is, we are able to come before him more humbly as we see the reality of our sin. Additionally, we are able to see that even our best qualities – our kindness, our humor, our humility, our wisdom – are in need of sanctification by the holy God. As we pursue sanctification and personal holiness, we are able to become more like Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As this was my sixth (and final) Fuel Weekend, I want to highly encourage any youth with the opportunity to attend or any parent interested in sending their teen to Fuel 2021 to do so. Fuel always seems to arrive at the perfect time during the school year as it is a weekend of fellowship and devotion that you will need throughout high school. For the past six years, Fuel Weekend has encouraged me, challenged me, and altered my view of who God is and what his Word says. Being a teenager, consistently trying to obey Christ is not always easy, but it is worth it.

Following Christ is always worth it. It is worth the parties missed, it is worth the friendships lost, it is worth the funny looks from teachers. Following Christ has always been worth it. Knowing Christ and knowing what the Scriptures say about him will make following his command for personal holiness much easier to acquire and it will enable you to lean into him in the times of struggle and the times of ease.

Fuel Weekend is important because it cultivates relationships that encourage corporate worship. It took me a while to realize why this was so important, but over the past couple of years, I have found my best friends within the youth ministry at Lakeview (largely due to the late nights at Fuel). When your most intimate sphere of influence is full of people who love the Lord and seek to obey him, then you will have men and women who encourage you daily in your walk with Christ by holding you accountable and loving you in a way that those who are not in Christ could never.

I highly encourage any teen reading this to plug into Lakeview’s youth group beyond Fuel Weekend. There are adults who will pour into you and deeply care about your life and walk with Christ. And there are some really awesome teenagers ready to welcome you into our church family.