What are Missional Community Groups?

  • Small groups that meet throughout the week in homes, dorms, and apartments around the community.
  • These groups are the primary way to connect with others in the Lakeview College Ministry and pursue life on mission together.
  • Each group will hang out, study the Bible and pray, and seek to serve the local church and community together.

Freshmen – You can be in any group you choose, but we do have 2 specifically freshmen groups you can pick from!

This year in our MCGs, we are going through the New Testament, chapter by chapter! Please click this link to access our New Testament Reading Plan so you can stay on track!

We also have a podcast of devotionals for each chapter. Find on your favorite podcast app under ‘Lakeview College Ministry’.

Freshman Group 1

Mondays @ 7pm
(carpooling from Lakeview @ 6:30pm)
Leaders | Carey Clark & Hannah Helton
Host Home | Glenn & Lena Sollie’s House

Freshman Group 2

Tuesdays @ 7pm
Leaders | Brooks Werk & Lydia Whitt
Host Home | Cliff & Toma Knight’s Home

Group 3

Mondays @ 6:30pm
Leaders | Colby Allen & Emily Bugg
Host Home | Chris & Joanna Call’s Home

Group 4

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
Leaders | Gavin Klinge & Raxia Bailey
Host Home | Raxia Bailey’s Home

Group 5

Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
Leaders | Nathan Holden & Hayden Dooley
Host Home | Bradi Glover’s Home

Group 6

Thursdays @ 7pm
Leaders | Ryan Nichols & Rachel Parmer
Host Home | Ryan Nichols’ Home

Group 7

Thursdays @ 7pm
Leaders | William Ragland & Myrissa Webb
Host Home | Myrissa Webb’s Home

Group 8

Thursdays @ 7pm
Leaders | Noah Underwood & Anna Grace Cummings
Host Home | Caroline Bugg’s Home

Group 9

Tuesdays @ 7pm
Leaders | Matt Seay & Haylee Runyan
Host Home | Chandler & Mackenzie Donegan’s Home

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